How to earn $500 per month from Coca-Cola stock? (2024)

How to earn $500 per month from Coca-Cola stock?

To figure out how to earn $500 monthly from Coca-Cola dividends, we start with the yearly target of $6,000 ($500 x 12 months). So, an investor would need to own approximately $194,225 worth of Coca-Cola, or 3,261 shares to generate a monthly dividend income of $500.

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What is the dividend on $100 shares of Coca-Cola?

The Coca-Cola Company's ( KO ) dividend yield is 3.22%, which means that for every $100 invested in the company's stock, investors would receive $3.22 in dividends per year. The Coca-Cola Company's payout ratio is 74.22% which means that 74.22% of the company's earnings are paid out as dividends.

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How much does Coca-Cola pay per stock?

How much is Coca Cola's dividend? KO pays a dividend of $1.87 per share. KO's annual dividend yield is 3.17%. Coca Cola's dividend is higher than the US industry average of 2.71%, and it is lower than the US market average of 4.24%.

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Is it profitable to invest in Coca-Cola?

Cash returns are another bright spot lifting shareholders' overall returns. co*ke generated about $10 billion of free cash flow in 2023 and returned nearly the same amount to investors through stock buybacks and a rising dividend.

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Is investing is co*ke a good idea?

All things considered, this would be a good time to buy Coca-Cola shares -- and then hold on to them to collect the solid dividend. The time to sell may come eventually, but for now, Coca-Cola remains a worthwhile long-term investment.

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Is Coca-Cola a safe dividend stock?

Considering Coca-Cola Co's robust dividend history, consistent growth in dividend payments, a reasonable payout ratio, and strong profitability and growth metrics, the company's dividend appears to be sustainable.

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Does Coca-Cola pay dividends monthly?

Dividend Summary

The next Coca-Cola Co dividend is expected to go ex in 2 months and to be paid in 2 months. The previous Coca-Cola Co dividend was 48.5c and it went ex 1 month ago and it was paid 19 days ago. There are typically 4 dividends per year (excluding specials), and the dividend cover is approximately 1.9.

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How often are CocaCola dividends paid?

The Company normally pays dividends four times a year, usually April 1, July 1, October 1 and December 15. Shareowners of record can elect to receive their dividend payments electronically or by check in the currency of their choice.

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How long do you have to hold a stock to get the dividend?

The ex-dividend date is the first day the stock trades without its dividend, thus ex-dividend. If you want to get the dividend payment, you need to own the stock by this day. That means you have to buy before the end of the day before the ex-dividend date to get the next dividend. In other words, it's the cut-off date.

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Which company pays highest dividend?

Best Highest Dividend Paying Stocks to Consider
SNo.Top Highest Dividend Paying StocksIndustry
1Vedanta LtdMetals & Mining
2Coal India LtdPower
3Power Finance Corporation LtdFinancial Services
4NTPC LtdPower
6 more rows
6 days ago

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What are the benefits of owning Coca-Cola stock?

But such stocks do offer other benefits. Coca-Cola is a classic Dividend King and has raised its dividend annually for 62 years. Its dividend yields 3.2% at the current price, which is more than double the S&P 500 average.

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What are the cons of investing in Coca-Cola?

But over the past 5 years the soda maker has underperformed the market and disappointed its loyal following. Coca-Cola stock has been the victim of quickly changing consumer tastes and, so far, its efforts to revive the public's interest in soda have been lackluster at best.

How to earn $500 per month from Coca-Cola stock? (2024)
How to invest in Coca-Cola for beginners?

How to buy shares in The Coca-Cola Company
  1. Choose a platform. If you're a beginner, our stock trading platform picks below can help you choose.
  2. Open your account. ...
  3. Confirm your payment details. ...
  4. Search the platform for stock code: KO in this case.
  5. Research stocks. ...
  6. Buy your stocks.

What would happen if I invested $1000 in co*ke 10 years ago?

If you invested in the company 10 years ago, that decision could have paid off. According to CNBC calculations, a $1,000 investment in Coca-Cola in 2009 would be worth more than $2,800 as of Feb. 15, 2019.

Did Warren Buffett invest in Coca-Cola?

Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway made a significant investment in shares of beverage giant Coca-Cola in 1988, when the stock's price was depressed following a market crash. Buffett and others at Berkshire recognized Coca-Cola's market advantages, believing that the company was poised to recover.

Should I invest in Coca-Cola or Pepsi?

Pepsi is the cheaper stock, but investors might still prefer paying the premium for co*ke over its less expensive rival. Sure, you can own Pepsi for 2.5 times sales, or less than half of co*ke's price-to-sales (P/S) ratio of 5.6. You'll get roughly the same 3% dividend yield in either case.

What is the safest dividend stock?

Safest Dividend Stock #1: Globe Life Inc. (

Founded in 1979, the company has raised its dividend every year for the past 18 years. Globe Life reported Q4 and full year 2023 earnings on February 7th, 2024. For the quarter, earnings-per-share were $2.88, above the $2.46 the company reported in the same quarter of 2022.

How much does Coca-Cola pay Warren Buffett in dividends?

A massive passive income stream

Berkshire currently owns 400 million shares of Coca-Cola. This means that on an annualized basis, Warren Buffett's company generates $736 million in dividend income from the beverage giant. That is a huge passive income stream that likely explains why Buffett isn't exiting the position.

Is Coca-Cola a good stock to buy 2024?

Profitability looks a little tastier, given that the collective estimate for 2024 per-share net income growth is 4% this year and nearly 7% in 2025. As for valuations, Coca-Cola stock currently trades at a forward P/E of nearly 24, which on first glance might seem rich given that anticipated single-digit growth.

How much do I need to invest to live off dividends?

If you are considering a dividend-focused strategy, you should carefully assess your income needs and risk tolerance. For example, if you require an income of 100,000 per year and were looking at a dividend yield of 10%, you would need to invest 1,000,000.

What is the best monthly dividend stock?

  • Realty Income (O) Realty Income is a REIT whose identity is predicated on monthly dividends, as it calls itself “The Monthly Dividend Company.” ...
  • SL Green (SLG) ...
  • STAG Industrial (STAG) ...
  • AGNC Investment (AGNC) ...
  • Apple Hospitality REIT (APLE) ...
  • EPR Properties (EPR) ...
  • Agree Realty (ADC)
Apr 12, 2024

Do you have to pay taxes on dividends?

Dividends can be classified either as ordinary or qualified. Whereas ordinary dividends are taxable as ordinary income, qualified dividends that meet certain requirements are taxed at lower capital gain rates.

Is Coca-Cola a buy or sell?

Is Coca-Cola stock a Buy, Sell or Hold? Coca-Cola stock has received a consensus rating of buy. The average rating score is A1 and is based on 38 buy ratings, 9 hold ratings, and 0 sell ratings.

What is the preferred stock symbol for Coca-Cola?

Coca-Cola Co (NYSE:KO) Headlines

KO has been successfully added to your Stock Email Alerts list.

How often does Apple pay dividends?

Apple Inc. ( AAPL ) pays dividends on a quarterly basis. Apple Inc.


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